This is open to all Midweek League teams regardless of Division.


This is open to all League teams not holding any winners or runners-up trophy from the previous season.


This is automatic re-drawing of teams from Lower Divisions, knocked out of the Non-Winners first and/or preliminary rounds.


a) Top Shot – The Rules are as per England Netball Shooting Badge Award where the shooting circle is divided into four semi-circles and each participant must shoot from in front of the post and two on either side – from each segment – thus 20 shots in all. A maximum of three entries per player is allowed and only registered players form that Winter Season may take part.

b) The Open Shooting Challenge – This is open to any non-winter-registered players, umpires, supporters of Netball, regardless of age or sex. Ten consecutive shots are taken from a line about eight feet in front of the post.


The Handicap Tournament is detailed on a separate page.

Previously the League also operated Divisional K.O.s, Handicap K.O. and Julio K.O. but these are in abeyance at this moment in time.