Dinner & Dance 2017


The Wolverhampton City Netball League held its annual Presentation Evening at The Pavilion, Wolverhampton where 199 players/guests were in attendance. Guest of Honour was Mrs Janet Wrighton MBE International Netball Federation, Board Director who presented the winning teams and individuals with the following awards.
Division 1 Winners: Sapphets; Runners up Phoenix. Division 2 Winners: Phoenix Hornets; Runners up Lucas. Division 3 Winners: Eurostars; Runners up and Plate Knock out Runners up: Wordsley Storks. Division 4 and Julio Knock out Winners: Stourbridge Jets Black; Runners up: Flames. Division 5 Winners/Handicap Tournament Winners/Plate Knock out Winners and Best League Goal Average: Stourbridge Jets Blue; Runners up: Diamonds. Handicap Tournament Runners up: Ice. Open Knock out and Non winners KO Runners up: Ladybirds. Non Winners Knock Out Winners: Whitmore X. Julio Knock Out Runners up: Whitmore Y.
Top Shot Competition Winner : Gillian Abbiss – Stourbridge Jets Blue.
Runner-up: Katie Burdett – Chasetown Mix.
Open Shooting Competition Winner: Annette Kendrick.
Chic Team Award: Diamonds.
Secretary of the Year: Pat Davies – Breezers.
Novice Umpire – Holly Owen.
Umpire of the Year – Kath Owen.
Players Player Division 1: Carla McCurdy, Sam 2. Division 2: Audrey Williams, Lucas. Division 3: Lucy Dunstan, Eurostars; R Whitehouse, Cresta. Division 4: Sarah Breakspear, Stourbridge Jets Black. Division 5: Rachel Henderson, Diamonds; Heather Loynes, Zimmers.
Under 16 Player Award: Kiera Bonehill, Libra Lea Navy; Emily Smith, Ice;
Beth Turnbull, Whitmore B; Amy Wyatt, Sam 5.
Sportsgirl of the Year (U21): Amy Spencer, Allsortz.
Sportswoman of the Year: Debbie Henden, Diamonds.
Sportsteam of the Year: Wordsley Storks.
Umpire’s Umpire: Lin Evans.
Downes Award: Diamonds.
Long Playing Award: Deb Pickford, Whitmore; Kelly Thompson, Libra Lea;  Sharon Thompson, Sam.DINNER

A three course meal is followed by coffee
and mints and then the presentations.

The Wolverhampton City Netball league held its Annual Dinner Dance and Presentation Evening at Goodyears Pavilion, W-ton. With 175 people in attendance a thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all with the winning teams/runners up along with individual awards being presented by Guest of Honour, Colette Thomson, ex- International player, England Coach. The league send their many congratulations to Colette on her recent award of an MBE for services to netball. AUCTION – The Australian National Team Dress (signed by all the Australia Netball Team) which was donated by our Guest of Honour, Colette Thomson, was spontaneously auctioned off at the Dinner Dance & Presentation – and raised £60 – with Ice providing the final bid.
Also our thanks go to our President Mrs Margarate Castle and our three Vice-Presidents : Jean Smith (Veejays Trophies), Janet Wrighton MBE (President of EN) and James RoyallCongratulations to one and all :

Sapphets winners


TROPHIES 2013-14 AWARDS 2013-14
Div 1 Winners Sapphets;Div 1 R-up Chasetown A
Div 2 Winners Libra Lea; Div 2 R-up Fusion

Runners Up

Runners Up

Div 3 Winners Phoenix Hornets; Div 3 Runners-up Whitmore T
Div 4 Winners Whitmore A; Div 4 Runners-up Libra Lea Navy
Div 5 Winners Fusion Flames; Div 5 Runners-up Blaze
Best Lgue Goal Average Libra Lea
Handicap Tourn Win Phoenix Scorpions; Tourn R-up Phoenix Hornets
Open KO Win Whitmore X; KO R-up Sam 3
Non-Win K-O Win Whitmore X; KO R-up Ladybirds
Plate KO Winners Fusion Flames; KO R-up Wordsley Storks
Players Player Div 1 Sam Barnett Sam 3; Players Player Div 2 K Dulay Ladybirds; Players Player Div 3 T Haycock Wordsley S, S Howells Whitmore T; Players Player Div 4 J Walters Thundercats; Players Player Div 5 Sonia Raj Blaze.
Downes Award Wordsley Storks; Umpire of the Year Lorraine Shail; Novice Umpire Debbie Owen, Emma Owen, Demi Watson; Umpire’s Umpire Caroline Dobson & Linda Thomas; Sportswoman of Yr T Beech Sedgley S, L Fones Whitmore Y; Sportsgirl of Yr (U21) Hannah Weston Sam 5
SportsmanshipTeam Crescent.
Under 16 Player Award S Lycett Chasetown B, Rebecca Tilt Phoenix Scorpions, H Owen Sam 4, E Heath Whitmore A
Julio KO Winners Chasetown A; KO Runners-up Ladybirds
Long Playing Award T Arnold Crescent, G Beards Whitmore, S Parkes Whitmore
Top Shot Comp Win S Fullwood Sam 2 H Weston Sam 5, H Wilkes Chasetown B
Open Shoot Comp Win Stephanie Parkes
Secretary of the Yr Clare Egan Blaze
Chic Team Award Blaze

All winners and runners-ups of League Divisions,
Open Knock-out, Non-winners K.O., Plate K.O., Handicap Tournament,
Top Shot Shooting and
Open Shooting Competitions, Best League Goal Average Award,; then Awards (as voted by the
League) for ‘Chic’ team, Secretary, Man of the Year, Umpire, Novice Umpire, Sportsgirl (U18), Sportswoman. Sportsmanship Team, Downes
Award and finally the Long-playing Award.
Players’ Player and Umpires’ Umpire

Runners Up