Officers of the League are currently :

Honorary President – Mrs Margaret Castle
Honorary Vice-Presidents : Mr James Royall

Mrs Jean Smith
Mrs Janet Wrighton MBE
Chairperson – Anona Hickin
Vice-Chairperson – Mary Turnbull
Treasurer – Sheree Hodgetts
Secretary – Anona Hickin

Committee Members –
Andrea Gittings June Gittings
Carol Price Lorraine Shail
Linda Thomas Sheila Turley
Jeni Foxall

THE LEAGUE AIMS – as in the Handbook

The aims of the League are :
a) To promote the playing of and interest in Netball
throughout the area.
b) To ensure open access to all.
c) To promote an ethos of equal opportunity and
mutual respect both on and off the court.
d) To actively condemn and eliminate any
discrimination or racism.
e) To implement ‘Duty of Care’ procedures and endeavour to
ensure ‘Safety and Health’ matters are followed.
f) To provide effective communication and
mechanisms for updating.
g) To encourage the development of playing skills and
knowledge, umpiring, coaching and team management.